Posted by: steph774 | December 9, 2011

All at Once

Thankfully, nobody was hurt, but I got into an accident last Friday. Vivian was in the car with me, we were on our way to pick Josh up from school. I was taking a left out of my neighborhood. I looked to my right, no cars. I looked to my left-one car coming that appeared to be going kinda slow but it had it’s right-hand blinker on. You know, as if he was going to turn into my neighborhood. He wasn’t. I started my turn & he plowed into my car. It missed my door & hit the front left tire area, instead. If you’ve seen my neighborhood, you know there’s nothing past the entrance for anyone to turn right into. There’s a bridge-so, obviously, he was cruising down the road with his blinker on. Like I said, nobody was hurt. Vivi wasn’t even really scared. She was for a second but once she saw Mommy was ok, she was fine.

In the car that hit me was an older couple. The man was driving. They were nice people, thank goodness. I called Troy, who came to get Josh from school. The school had him waiting in the office because I’d called them. We waited on the police. Of course, it was my fault because I had a stop-sign, but thankfully, the officer just gave me a warning. The driver of the other car wouldn’t admit he had his blinker on, but he didn’t deny it either. He said it was “possible”. I’m sorry, but, people driving with their blinkers on is one of my biggest driver peeves!  So, after all is said & done, the minivan isn’t totaled & will be back to us on the 14th. Luckily, we only have to pay the deductible!

So, on Tuesday we went and got a car! We have an old blazer we were getting ready to sell & we’ll be getting the minivan back. We got a Dodge Journey:

This isn’t our actual car. I’m too lazy to take a pic right now. This is very close to the color, though. It’s a 2009 but it only has 28,000 miles on it. I’m married to a finance guy-so he never buys new cars, he prefers to buy with cash so he doesn’t have any payments. We did have to get a loan this time, though.

I really like the new car! I’m also very thankful nobody was hurt in my accident & I hope the other guy has learned to turn off his turn signals when he doesn’t need them.




  1. Oh my, I am sorry you were in an accident BUT I am soooooo thankful you and Vivi were not hurt! It can happen in an instant! Love the new vehicle and Frank is too cute:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

  2. problems always….problems but no one was hurt you are all unhurt much love can;t wait to see you tthis week, Love to all

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