Posted by: steph774 | December 28, 2011

Gimme a Break

I thought I’d cleaned out the kids’ toys before the onslaught of Christmas gifts, but I was wrong! They got a LOT & there is sooo much more I can clean out. Now, if only someone would kick me in the butt & make me do it, we’d be good.

Last week for the 1st half of Christmas break, we went up to Atlanta. We celebrated Vivi’s birthday, Christmas with my family & Troy’s family.

The birthday party was a lot of fun! My mom had the house decorated super cute with princess stuff & had her a Princess Tiana cake. I brought my new favorite recipe for parties/get-togethers-jalapeno popper dip- which everyone LOVED! I promise you, it is so good & easy! Link  to it


Vivi got lots of great gifs. Including, lots of Princess dress-up clothes! She loves them!

Sleeping Beauty

She looked so funny! I love her 🙂

Thanks for hosting the party, Mom & Dad!

We also got to finally go play in some snow!!! I have been wanting to go to “Snow Mountain” at Stone Mountain for a couple of years now. My kids will never see snow falling from the sky, any time soon, anyway. So, the next best thing is Snow Mountain. It is real snow! The kids had fun building snowmen, sliding down small hills on plastic sleds & throwing snowballs. For the bigger kids & adults, there are huge, long snow slides you slide down on tubes. Our daredevil, Josh, was not scared of them at all. So fun! It was a really pretty day to go,too. mid 60’s but when you were in the snow it felt wintry.

That was the last pretty day-it rained the rest of the time. That was ok, though, we went to the GA Aquarium!

Josh 🙂

these are called "blubber jellies" the kids got a huge kick out of them & their name!

We think they're new to the exhibit, we don't remember seeing them before.

best i could get!

Something random happened right after this picture. There were a couple of young Japanese girls taking pictures, I could tell they were friends so I offered to take a pic of them together. I took the pic & then they asked if they could have Vivi in the pics with them because she was so cute! I said yes and they took like 5 pics with her, smiling & holding her up. I was flattered, but I know I’d never ask someone if I could do that. It also happened in Disney standing in line for Dumbo. These young Brazilian girls asked to have their pic made with her. Strange 🙂

It was a good trip, seeing our families & taking it easy. I was SO happy to be on “break” I was looking forward to not getting up at 6am for 2 weeks! I’m relishing these last few days of  break, for sure. I’ll do a Christmas Day post soon!



  1. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Christmas:) Those little ones are sooooo cute! The dip sounds yummy, I am gonna make it New Year’s Eve:) Thanks for sharing it with me! Have a blessed week, HUGS!

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