Posted by: steph774 | January 2, 2012

With Their Eyes All Aglow

Today is the last day of Christmas Break. I will never stop being amazed at how time flies! It seems like we just started & now we have to get back to “normal” tomorrow. But, we do have something to look forward to-Animal Kingdom the weekend of Jan. 20th! Josh has that Friday off, so we’re heading down to AK.  Can’t wait-I know we’ll love it!!

We all enjoyed Christmas this year. Just being together on that day with nothing to do was great! We managed to stretch out present-opening throughout the entire day. That way, the kids actually played with the present they opened instead of casting it aside for the next one & forgetting about it. Like I said, they got so much, so I’ve put away some things under my bed to bring out when the newness has worn off from the other ones!

posing with brother & dollhouse Santa brought


Josh got Perfection! He didn't quite know what it was but he loved it once we played it. Vivi loves it too!

Excited to get puzzles! She's so good at them!

Vivi's present to Josh-He was so excited!!

Lego books a major favorite!

"Camilla the Cupcake Fairy" book-we read it every night

That’s not all their gifts-just the good pics. I took a lot of videos this time. Here are the kids opening their gifts from Aunt Debbie/Uncle Harry & Grandmom Hope. They love their gifts, guys! Debbie, yours are the 1st 2 videos 🙂





We put away most of our Christmas stuff yesterday-the house looks weird because we had gotten so used to seeing all of it 😦 Let the countdown to Christmas begin 😉




  1. Great idea to stretch it out:) These two are just too precious opening their gifts! We took most of our decorations down last night and it looks empty around our house too! Have a blessed day and a Happy and Healthy New Year! HUGS!

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