Posted by: steph774 | January 3, 2012

Three Times a Lady







My sweet Vivi is a big three year-old girl! On her birthday, we went as a family to St. Augustine to spend the day. We played at a playground with a carousel, ate lunch & walked around the downtown area. It was perfect weather & we had a blast!

I obviously haven't mastered taking a pic of myself & someone else yet. This was the best, believe it or not


With Josh-she would not look at the camera!


Yummy popsicles from "The Hyppo"


Some things I’d like to remember about her at this age:

-She’s never been taught to use manners-she just naturally uses them! It’s amazing! We’re blown away by her politeness, she’s such a little lady

-She can count objects in spanish up to 10.

-She can count objects in english up to 15

-She can identify all of her letters. But, it’s kinda frustrating getting her to do it. I have to say “where is the letter A?”, for example. If I say “what letter is this?” she says she doesn’t know. Maybe she isn’t quite confident enough, yet?

-She is a major girly-girl but LOVES to get messy. She sits and digs in the dirt, getting herself & her nails all dirty. She is a messy eater & when she’s painting(which she loves) she will paint her arms up to her elbows! It dries me crazy b/c I don’t like to get dirty 🙂 But I’m learning to let her be herself & that it’s ok to get messy!

-She is starting to really enjoy dressing up in all the Princess clothes she got for Christmas & her birthday. She identifies herself as a princess & the boys in the family are princes. Troy is her “prince” ,specifically.

-She’s always asking us “Don’t I look pretty?” which is super cute but I try & compliment her in other areas (kindness,smarts,manners,patience, etc.) a lot also, b/c I think it’s important for her to know there’s more to being just outwardly pretty.

-She loves her big brother & asks where he is when he’s at school. She loves playing with him, but is really starting to do little things to annoy him. Typical sibling behavior.

There’s more, I know. She is just a perfect angel & a perfect piece to our family! Love you Vivian!




  1. Precious little THREE year old! I know that you are enjoying this age with her learning! They learn new things every day! Just enjoy, time goes too fast to suit me:) Josh is really getting big and OH so handsome!

    Have a blessed day, HUGS!

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