Posted by: steph774 | January 17, 2012

Ready to Run

On Friday, Josh participated in his school’s “Fun Run”. It was a fundraiser going towards gym equipment & he had to get pledges for the run! I didn’t think he would want to do it, but he was all about it! We use running laps as punishment sometimes & of course, he doesn’t want to do those so I thought it’d be the same with the Funrun. He was so excited, telling me he was going to run the fastest. The limit of laps they could do was 35 & the least was 25. He ran all 35 & could’ve gone for more. He was trucking it around the track. The guys handling the whole thing said if your child did 30 they ran a mile! I was proud to see him so excited about participating!

Ready to go with some of his team!


These 3 guys were emcees of the run. They played fun music & kept the kids motivated the whole time. They were great!


Where's Josh?


Maybe track or cross-country running in his future?


One sweet cheerleader giving the kids 5 as they ran by 🙂


It was cold that day, in case you can’t tell! It was great, though! Way to go Josh!



  1. What fun! I am proud of Josh for finishing the race! Love the little cheerleader too:) Have a blessed day dear Steph! HUGS!

  2. Great job Josh and Viv !!! Way to keep all those runners pumped up.

  3. I’m connected again! I loved all the pics and videos. They are the most beautiful children I’ve seen since my grandchildren were born….and of course my own babies. I love you all sooo much. Ma

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