Posted by: steph774 | February 7, 2012


Hello! So, I know, it’s been forever. We went to Animal Kingdom back in the middle of January! It was awesome! What I loved most about it, was that it seemed much slower paced than Magic Kingdom. I didn’t feel like I needed to “conquer” it. There’s so much to do at M/K, that we try to do it all(which we have, now!) and that can get a little frenzied. But, with A/K we just took our time & enjoyed everything. It was not crowded and the weather was beautiful.

We went on the Safari first. it was only ok to me, I was expecting more to see. I’d ride it again only b/c you never know how the next ride will turn out. We saw this on our way to the next area:

Do you see her face? She was so cool!

Then we headed into Asia & rode Expedition Everest!! We took turns b/c Vivi is too small for that one. It was amazing! After the 4th time, though, I felt like I could throw up. The whole going backwards thing really threw me for a loop. I get motion sickness easy, so I wasn’t surprised. I’d probably ride it again!

Then we went to the dinosaur area & rode the triceratop spin. Of course, both kids liked it. We also rode “Dinosaur” in that section. It was cool-not particularly awesome, though. Josh was scared of the volume of the noises.  Still very cool, though. I mean, it’s Disney, how can it not be? After that, I waited to meet Goofy & Pluto with Vivi while Josh & Troy played in the boneyard. That was really cool looking & Troy said it was a lot of fun.

We actually didn’t get into the park until about 11 am and unfortunately they closed at 5 that day. So, after the dino area it was almost time for closing. We watched the last showing of the Nemo musical-it was soooo amazing! We all really loved that! The kids were mesmerized.  Then we headed out to our car & went to check into our hotel.

The next day we went to Downtown Disney to just walk around.

so cool!

Of course we went to the Lego store there-Josh was in Heaven.We also ate lunch at the Dinosaur themed restaurant, there. I cannot put into words how incredible that was. The scenery, how life-like the robotic animals looked, the attention to detail & they also had a “meteor shower” every 20 min or so. It was amazing & the food was good too! After walking around a little bit more, we headed on home!

We ended up getting the 3-day pass for Florida residents again, so we’re going back the 1st weekend in March! It is just too good of a deal to pass up. We are going back to Animal Kingdom for a day b/c there’s a whole other half we didn’t do and then going to Hollywood Studios the next day. I’m so excited! We all are-it’s an addiction!!

Some cute pics of the kids on the playground in the neighborhood-just because 🙂

She posed all by herself

He is so CUTE! Those eyes are trouble



  1. What a fun time! I love those little sweeties, they are SO cute! Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

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