Posted by: steph774 | February 10, 2012

Kung-Fu Fighting

Here are a couple of things Josh has been up to lately:

As most of you know, Josh is obsessed with Legos. Well, now his favorite line of Legos is “Ninjago”. It’s all about Ninjas & dragons. They have even come out with a cartoon on it-it comes on Wednesday nights! He LOVES it!!! So, he’s been really into Ninjas. In that video, he’s obviously pretending to be one 🙂 We have made it clear not to try any ninja moves on actual people! He will hate me one day for posting that.

I grew up swimming competitively & even swam some in high school! I think it is a great sport for my kids to be involved in. Josh is at the perfect age to start stroke lessons. So, we have! He’s going to start out in private lessons, then move into a group of 5 & 6 yr olds (his age group) for group lessons. At the rate he’s learning now, he won’t need private lessons for very long. He has had 2 lessons & can already do the freestyle & starting backstroke! He’s been swimming without flotation devices since before he was 2 (thanks, ISR!) so he loves swimming. He’s doing really well listening to the coach, too! I’m very proud of him. He is more excited to go to practice for swimming than for any other sport he’s done so far. My goal is to have him on summer swim league by late May! See him in action?


Good job, Buddy!





  1. Good job Josh! Love the ninja show:) Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Josh looks like a little Seal….a future olympian Much love to everbody

  3. He looks like a real ninja. Scary!!!! Great job on strokes.

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