Posted by: steph774 | March 18, 2012

Been a Long Time

Wow! I cannot believe it’s been so long since my last post! That’s definitely the longest I’ve gone without writing an entry! I’ve just been busy with everyday life. Plus, I don’t feel the need to blog about every little thing that we do!If I’m bored typing it-you’ll be bored reading it.

I have a job now! It’s not your typical job-I handle the bookings for my In-laws’ two condos in Panama City Beach, FL! I started it back in November, but, with it just now getting to be Spring Break, things are really picking up. I answer inquiries by emailing & calling guests back & then have to call into reservations if they want to book. It’s time consuming but I’m liking it! I’m very grateful for a job that allows me to earn money but stay home doing it! I have the best In-laws ever!

If you are interested in checking the condos out here are their links:

Contact me if you want to go sometime šŸ™‚ They are beautiful! Check out the videos on those pages, too!


We went back to Disney the 1st weekend in March! We chose to go back to Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios! It was much more crowded that I thought & what the “crowd calendars” had projected, but we still got everything done we wanted to do! We stayed at the Radisson Lake Buena Vista. It was awesome! I chose it because the normal place we stay (parkway international) was full. The Radisson was a nice substitute and as long as they are running specials, we will stay there! It also came clean on the bedbug registry check.I never worried about those little pests until recently when I started reading about the increase in them & how hard they are to get rid of. They are a real problem & I will always check the registry, as well as do my own check, once I arrive in a hotel. We had a family suite-it was perfect! The kids had a bedroom & Troy & I had a bedroom. They shared a bed-that was a first! After pinching Josh a few times on the nose, Vivi settled down & they slept great!

Animal Kingdom was fun-we did the stuff we didn’t do last time. Like the Lion King show. It was a great show but the Nemo show at AK beats all the other shows I’ve seen in any Disney park. Anyway, it was great weather & we had loads of fun. Oh & I want to remind you that Josh is still scared of characters with masks. That’s why there aren’t any pics of him…

Vivi had the sun in her eyes-she wasn't pleased. That is Yot that Josh is holding. He had him for a school assignment šŸ™‚


Meeting Timon in Rafiki's Planet Watch.


Lion King show




Comparing necklaces with Pocahontas!


I think this is a beautiful picture šŸ™‚

I’ll do Hollywood Studios another time! Enjoy your day!




  1. I have missed seeing what you have been up to! You DO have the best IN-LAWS ever, I love them both! The Condos are gorgeous! I need a little beach time:)

    Sweet little ones are just growing up way too fast! Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

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