Posted by: steph774 | April 30, 2012


Ok,’s my post on Hollywood Studios. I apologize, to those that care, for the long breaks. I’ve been consumed with a possible decision our family will have to make soon. We should know this week what our answer is! I can’t say anything much about it b/c Troy doesn’t want me to put anything on the blog about it. But, I know some of my readers know about it. It’s exciting 🙂

So, I really liked Hollywood Studios! It was more crowded than the app on my phone said it was going to be, but we still had fun & did most everything to do there. We went directly to the Toy Story ride first to get our fast passes. UM-our fast pass time was 5:40pm! It was 10 am when we got them! We watched the Ariel show (pretty cool) next. Vivi really liked it. Troy & Josh rode the Tower of Terror-Josh was super scared! Then we kinda just walked around taking in the sights. We did the Great Movie Ride, that was cool, we liked it. The kids loved the Muppet 3D show, I never went in that one, I think it was when I was riding Star Tours. That is a great ride! Toward the end of the day, Troy & I rode the Aerosmith roller coaster! UM, never again! That was a crazy ride-super fast & twisty! I’ve never screamed so much in m life. Like i said, we rode everything there. We met some characters too:


Jake from The Neverland Pirates


Phineas & Ferb!


I was really proud of Josh for meeting them, he's usually too scared! But he loves that show, so it was easy! This was also around the time Vivian started to "pose" all the time in pics




"meeting" Lightening & Mater. Notice the pose?




FINALLY, it was time for us to ride Toy Story! It was SO worth it! It’s probably up there in my top 5 rides. The kids loved it, of course, too. After that, we headed out to the arena area where we were going to watch Fantasmic! It had been closed for awhile for maintenance but it re-opened the week we came. I couldn’t miss it, after reading such awesome reviews on it. It was cool that they had a snack bar in the arena so you could get stuff to eat-we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. I was wondering how we were going to pull off dinner when we were trying to get good seats to the show. Of course, Disney had us covered. So we ate hot dogs & popcorn waiting for the show to start. We sat near the front, not too close though(you can get wet if you sit too close), it was perfect. It was a great show we all loved it! I forgot what time it was when it ended but it was probably around 8:30. Much later than Vivi has ever been kept up! We drove back to Jax afterwards & the kids fell  asleep in the car. We got home in about 2 1/2 hrs, I was worried about picking them up to move them to bed, but they were right back out once they hit their pillows 🙂

It was a great trip! I can’t wait to go back in October to see all the new Fantasyland additions!





  1. Sounds like LOADS of fun! Love the pictures of the kids with the characters and Vivi is SO DARN cute posing:) Can’t wait to hear the exciting news! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  2. It’s about time you posted again:)

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