Posted by: steph774 | May 3, 2012

My Guy

Happy birthday Josh! I can’t believe he’s 6!!! I say that every birthday-I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying it.

I was in labor for 27 1/2 hours with Josh. 27 1/2 hours. I was induced. It started around late morning on May 2nd & didn’t end until the afternoon of May 3rd. I didn’t want a c-section & neither did my Doc, so he was giving me a good shot at a natural birth. I’d say that was a good shot! It was miserable. In the middle of it all, because I wasn’t dilating, they gave me a Foley Catheter. It forces your cervix open so you can dilate. THAT HURT! Up until that point I was feeling pretty good & didn’t need or want an epidural. Within a minute of the Dr. securing the catheter I demanded my epidural.

The night crept past. The next day, I still wasn’t dilated past 4 centimeters. I was swollen from my IV fluids, had nothing to drink or eat for over 24 hrs(except ice chips) had vomited a few times (it was stomach acid-niiiccee) & getting really fed up with it all. That afternoon, they finally told me they were going to have to do a c-section because I wasn’t progressing & it could start getting dangerous for Josh. I cried a little but knew I wanted it over & that was what was best.

Troy & I were so glad to finally hear his cry & hear that he was perfectly healthy in every way! HE WEIGHED NINE lbs & TEN oz. HE WAS TWENTY-ONE in. LONG. No, I wasn’t diabetic during pregnancy. I think we know why I wasn’t progressing during labor-he was too big for me. Literally, he couldn’t move through the canal. Some of his 1st pics:

Where am I?

I told you I was swollen. But, look how precious he is!

Proud Daddy!

Day 2. He was SO alert!

Sleeping with Daddy

He was a great baby! I didn’t really have any issues with breastfeeding or adjusting to life with him. He was a good sleeper & a good eater & a very content baby!

Time has flown. Here he is on his 1st birthday:

He’d just started to walk

He liked the cake but he did not like his hands getting messy

Skip-It has been with him since birth. He still loves him today

2nd birthday:

so cute

He loved his cake

3rd birthday:

it was so hot at his party. I was glad when it was over

4th birthday:

he loved riding a real helicopter in Panama City Beach!

It was a lot of fun!

5th birthday:

1st time trying crab. He only tried it so he could have the claw to play with

This was about when the lego obsession kicked into high gear!

First pic with his little sis..

He wanted nothing to do with her! Now, he gets mad if she won’t play with him

2nd pic with little sis..

so sweet

Here’s my favorite video of him…

I love you more & more every day Josh! You are brilliant, sweet (when you want to be), you’ve become such a good brother & you are so handsome. We love you, happy birthday!



  1. Precious then and now:)

    Happy Birthday Josh! You are such a sweet, handsome and SMART 6 year old!

    Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Happy Birthday Josh!

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